Put Power in Your Hour

Put Power in Your Hour!
Tutoring Strategies for Adult Low Readers
Southside Virginia Community College, Keysville, VA
Room: 103
Saturday, October 25, 10 am-3pm with a one-hour lunch break
RSVP by Oct. 23rd by calling 434-542-5782, or charlit100@gmail.com
Open to instructors in adult education and volunteer-based literacy programs in Southside Virginia. Other programs also eligible (call the Charlotte Adult Learning Center at 434-542-5782)

Being an effective reading teacher is a lot like rocket science. In this Southside Literacy Partners sponsored event you will gain skills and confidence as a reading instructor, whether you have experience or not. For example, what do you tell your students to do when they get to a word they don’t know? What reading materials are best for your students? How and when can you integrate complex reading tasks without frustrating learners? What can you do when a student can read the words, but doesn’t understand what he has read?

In this workshop attendees will learn to teach PreK through 8th grade word analysis skills, how to select appropriate material so students progress faster, how to use writing to improve reading, and how to improve students’ overall comprehension. One important resource, Pat Cunningham’s Making Words books will be introduced because of their simplicity of use and wide range of grade levels which perfectly complement individualized literacy instruction.

This workshop will be led by Wanda Stewart and Gay Robinson. In their forty plus years each of teaching, both have worked as staff development trainers and Reading Recovery teachers for Chesterfield County Public Schools. After retiring, Wanda spent ten years in Thailand as an English teacher and now tutors for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Youth Program and the Charlotte Adult Learning Center. Gay, who still tutors part-time, helped write, among other programs, the SOAR reading program for Chesterfield County Public Schools, a program specifically designed for teaching reading in small groups.

Attendees will leave with a handout of suggested activities to use during a tutoring session. This will serve as a reminder of how to teach students to be independent problem solvers using research-based techniques. Put Power in Your Hour! Funded by Virginia Literacy Foundation.

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